1. Joakim says

    My dads old boat! I grew up in this! Sailed in it the the first time when i was 2 months old! Beutiful boat! Thx for taking care of it!

    • Kees de Ruiter says

      Hi Joakim, nice to read your comment. It raises a lot of questions for me and I am curious what you know about Zephyr. What is the name of your father and from when till when he owned Zephyr? Are you from Sweden? Do you maybe have pictures of the ship? Or documents? Everything what you know or have about Zephyr is of great value for me. And yes, she is very beautiful and very fast too; she gets great attention and compliments from other sailors in harbors I visit. Hope I hear from you.

  2. Josefine Ytterberg says

    Hello Kees,
    I will answer your questions for my brother.
    But first of all I want to thank you for all your work and effort you’ve put in to get Zephyr in such a beautiful condition!
    I am the sister of Joakim and, as you guessed, we are both children of Sture Ytterberg. I was born in 1986 and only 9 days old when I first sailed in Zephyr, the 30:th of July that year. Joakim was born in April 1988 and, as he wrote, only 2 months old when he sailed in her for the first time. As I know the story my father Sture bought Zephyr in the late 70′s and she was only an empty and forgotten shell back then. He built the whole interior, the deck and the cockpit and we used her as a family boat during mine and my brothers whole childhood. We sailed her in the archipelago of Stockholm and she got a lot of attention also back then and our father got many comments about her and his work.
    We also had a dog, a brown Labrador retriever named Tilda, and she loved Zephyr and when we were out sailing. She was often lying on the aft part of the deck, aft of the cock pit with her tail in the water when we were sailing :) She quickly learned how to board Zephyr even though she is very narrow in the front. We put a tennis ball on the front so she could jump onboard :)
    In the summer of 1996 Tilda got 7 puppies and unfortunately our family and dad didn’t really had the time for Zephyr then. She didn’t get into the sea that summer and when dad instead did a very thorough inspection of her he discovered that some major renovations had to be done. With a hectic family life and a lot of activities he didn’t really had the time and energy for that so Zephyr laid ashore in our garden for a few years before dad sold her to Carlos in Norway.
    Me and my whole family have many bright and happy memories from our time with Zephyr so it makes me very happy to see that she has got into the right hands and is so beautiful and well taken care of now! Once again a BIG thank you!
    My father is right now out sailing with our bigger sister and I will email them and tell them to visit this nice homepage and get in contact with you. We have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Zephyr since dad was a photographer. He can scan and send them to you, otherwise I will. I will email a few pictures to your private mail right now.
    Best regards,
    Josefine Ytterberg

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